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Taught by prestigious engineers from around the world, the objetive of the Course of Technological Updateding  II is to provide a comprehensive vision, updating your existing knowledge through analysis of various technologies. This will provide strong foundations and tools to understand the functioning of next generation networks; as well as developing skills for their configuration, applied to productive processes making daily operations more efficient.


Lead by:

  • Directors of the Technical Deparment
  • Engineers and/or Network Technicians
  • WISP and ISP
  • Network Engineers in pre- sale and in post-sale on support and PYMES
  • Networrk Engineers, Network Support Technicians, and User Support technicians
  • Network Support and Installation Engineers
  • Instructors
  • Engineering Students.



Businesses based in technology, or that use technology to bring an important service, are very invigorating but are also at risk of becoming obsolete if they do not evolve according according to the needs and demands of consumers and users.

It might be true that the Wireless standards of the 802.11 evolve every 3 to 4 years, but nonetheless WIFI usage increases exponentially every month. The points of concentration being home sor businesses where an adequate implementation has to be dealt with (something that might not have justified extensive study before) and an efficient adminisstration of bandwidth.

This new challenge is not something that only internet providers (ISP/WISPs) have top ut new efforts into.Hotels become small WISPs who have to provide highly efficient wireless service to the insistent demand of guests who need internet for their satisfaction.

But attending to this task is not the only undertaking to be taken care of, since WISP must design contingency strategies when it has to migrate the Carrier, and for that the BGP must be set up in the network, which Will allow you to acquire your own rango of public IPs.

Last but no leats, is the transport of data in the wide network of the WISP, from the supply of the internet (carrier) to the most remote point of your network, for which the tradiditional tunnels stop being effective and the implementation of VPLS/MPLS is required.

  • Mauro Escalante

  • Darwin Gabriel Barzola
    Darwin Gabriel Barzola Trainer Mikrotik & Ubiquiti ingeniero de Soporte


Theme of the day: The new challenges of WIFI in the home and in corporate networks

When Wireless solutions allow us to reach 300 or 400 Mbps in trunk links of km length, or reaching 1 Gbps in short distances, or even better the availability and feasibility of FIFTH and GPON allow us to forget about the bottleneck nightmares of backbones wireless…this takes us to a new reality in wich we discover a new battlefront that has been moved to the interior of homes, corporations and PYMES.

An individual has in average 2 or 3 devices that they must connect wirelessly to their work or residential network; Mobile phone, Laptop, and Tablet. In the home TVs provide WIFI connection and they do not include this then they at least have a USB port to connect an Apple TV, Chromescast, or other devices that covert it into a SmartTV. In corporations (from the smallest to the largest) everything is becoming wireless and every device everyday requires larger bandwidth.

In hotels, this avalanche for wireless demand can easy become complete chaos since the installed infrastructure cannot meet these new requirements and worse even future ones, which brings waves of frustration from the guests who cannot conceive intermittent WIFI.

This scenario demands a new analysis of WIFI infrastructure which will inevitably require new devices, as well as the capacity to monitor and administer WIFI in a preventive way through tools of centralization that allow the status of the network to be know at all the times.

In this days we will analyze 3 WIFI solutions and their respective mechanisms of management.


11:00 – 13:00

CAPsMAN of MikroTik

MikroTik’s System of Administration of Access Points enables the centralization of the administration of wireless networks, and if needed, the processing of data. The network is comprised of many Controller Access Points (CAPs) that provide wireless connectivity. These are administrated and configured from the central point and allow for client authentication.

  • Darwin Gabriel Barzola
    Darwin Gabriel Barzola Trainer Mikrotik & Ubiquiti ingeniero de Soporte

13:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 16:00

UniFi SDN (Ubiquiti)

UniFi is expanding rapidly into a comprehensive solution of sofware-defined networks (SDN), with a perfect integration of high performance commutation***, gateway portals and more.

16:00 – 16:15


16:15 – 18:00

Solutions Wi-Fi Corporativas

M2M connectivity with cnReach: Taking advantage of the power of the Internet, promoting efficiency, control and flexibility for the corporate wireless network and its applications. Monitoring and administering a complete wireless solution for the company, using a network administrative system from edge to edge based on the cnMaestro™ cloud, from any place.

Techonological Course Update II


Theme of the day: The inevitable destiny of all ISP/WISP in their growing path

Every internet service provider, small or medium, wishes to have thousands of clients and expand their network (be it wireless or fibre) day by day. This makes their Achilles heel become their internet wholesale distributors. One day, this small or medium ISP discovers it cannot change providers as easily as it did a month before, and when it does change providers it lives through a small crisis that many times costs them clients.

Carrier independence is associated with the acquisition of one’s own block of IP addresses, for which the ISP has to implement BGP in their network, these 2 themes are we will be analyzing today.

09:00 – 12:00

BGP Implementation and enrollment of Public IPs with MikroTik

MikroTik provides all the convenience and facilities to reach this objective, which represents substantial savings in costs and implementation time.

  • Darwin Gabriel Barzola
    Darwin Gabriel Barzola Trainer Mikrotik & Ubiquiti ingeniero de Soporte

11:00 – 11:15




12:00 – 13:00

Assigning blocks for public IPs through LACNIC

Introduction -about BGP- about assigning addresses – LACNIC



Theme of the day: Optimizing traffic in a WAN network (wireless, fibre, or mix) and a good network design

When VLANs and tunnels stop being efficient, it becomes necessary to implement MPLS in WAN networks. Nonetheless, the foundation of all implementation is in the initial conceptual design, due to this we will be working strongly on Design and Architecture of WISP Networks

09:00 – 11:00

MPLS to unify traffic and provide quality service 

MPLS was designed to unify the service of transporting data. It can be used to transport different kinds of traffic, including voice traffic and IP packages. MLPS not only provides greater reliability and performance, but can also often reduce the costs of transport through higher efficiency in the network. Its ability to give priority to packages that transport voice traffic makes it the perfect solution to take voice calls over IP or VoIP.

  • Darwin Gabriel Barzola
    Darwin Gabriel Barzola Trainer Mikrotik & Ubiquiti ingeniero de Soporte

11:00 – 11:15


11:15 – 12:30

Design and Architecture of WISP Networks

Many WISPS have risen their networks in an empirical way, evolving over the base of trial and error. This has to change and it is necessary to work on concepts of network design that allow us to do a proper sizing and dimensioning. This is imperative to calculate the capacity in simultaneous access and be aware of technologies limitations. It is important for the WISP to have four things clearly in mind:

  1. For what market niches does a WISP solution apply
  2. What are the limitations of a WISP solution (clear concepts of dimensioning based on capacity, speed, simultaneity, amount of clients)
  3. How do wireless solutions compare vs FTTH vs DOCSIS vs XDSL
  4. In what moment must you migrate to a FTTH technology
  • Darwin Gabriel Barzola
    Darwin Gabriel Barzola Trainer Mikrotik & Ubiquiti ingeniero de Soporte

12:30 – 13:00

Convenience and importance of having own numbering resources

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