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Andina Link With a history of 25 years, is the prestigious International Fair of telecommunications and convergent technologies, has positioned itself as the preferred place for negotiations and networking of the industry in Latin America; With the most impressive commercial samples of the region, it is the favorite place to present the latest trends and the latest technological advances in the industry. It has also stood out for bringing together the highest spheres of the ICT sector, decision makers in the government and large Business.
Two academic sessions of great use for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and project new implements in their companies. .
Prepare for the next Expo to Celebrate from September 3 to 5, 2019. At the Hotel Barceló San José Palacio, Costa Rica and be part of one of the biggest events of the year

Andina Link The Opportunities Fair, where the Convergence unites Latin America with the world

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25 años de Historia
Más de 90 Expositores
Más de 2500 Visitantes
16 Sesiones Académicas
Más de 34 países
2 Cursos Académicos
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