El Foro Iberoamericano de la Convergencia y el Audiovisual FICA 2020

The FICA Forum This is the scenario open to dialogue to understand the functions of the sector, aimed at the highest spheres of the telecommunications industry, the regulatory authorities, the decision-makers of government and large companies; It is an ideal space where the executives and opinion leaders of the operators of television, wireless networks, WISP, ISPs of Ibero America, can be the result of a financial, commercial and technological impact of the implementation of audiovisual and new contents. technologies in The digital age.


  • Regulation
  • Contents
  • Technological Challenges
  • New business models


Background and context:

The second decade of this century will come with immense challenges, changes, uncertainties, threats but also great opportunities for the entire sector of Information and Communication Technologies.

The content distribution models changed completely, not only because of the large number of platforms on which they can be consumed or received, but also because of the evolution of the distribution networks that, while simplifying and becoming totally dependent from Internet.

A few years ago, committing to a single technology was necessary to provide a stable and quality service, even in many cases it was sought to unify equipment with a single brand, but with the arrival of new digital technologies and the emergence of hundreds of new solutions for the In the provision of services, the market was completely transformed, with hybrid models being the best alternative.

On the other hand, convergence is hitting the traditional business schemes, pay TV by itself is not enough to survive, but neither will internet distribution, so it is necessary to resort to other commercial schemes based on prototypes Nplay.

The Internet became the sword of Damocles in the Telecommunications sector due to the high demand that this service has, but which in turn fosters an unfair and parasitic competition by the so-called “.com”, who in the end obtain the greater economic gains from the high investments made by the telcos, which in turn barely cover their costs.

The Latin American markets have reached scandalous levels of concentration and dominant positions of very specific players, which undoubtedly threatens national sovereignty, free competition and the necessary price balance.

The market has taken a dramatic turn, flexibility and adaptability to multiple services and technologies is the new paradigm and who has the ability to adapt to this environment, will survive and stay in an increasingly complex playing field


  • Gabriel E. Levy B.
    Gabriel E. Levy B. Moderador Foro FICA

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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