Introducción 2
Información General 4
Normas y características de la exhibición comercial 6
Características de los stands entregados por Andina Link 8
Información logística, transporte aéreo y hoteles 9
Formularios a Diligenciar 10
Descripción de Productos 11
Rótulo Frontal 12
Registro del personal 13
Sillas y mesas adicionales 14
Información para casos de emergencia 15
Instalaciones eléctricas 16
Servicios de internet 17
Servicios de personal de apoyo dentro de su stand 18
Alquiler de pantallas de TV 19
Directorio de Servicios 20
Directorio Andina Link 21
Introduction 2
General Information 4
Rules and characteristics of the trade show 6
Characteristics of the stands delivered by Andina Link 8
Logistic information, air transport and hotels 9
Forms to Diligence 10
Product Description 11
Front Label 12
Personnel record 13
Additional chairs and tables 14
Information for emergencies 15
Electrical installations 16
Internet Services 17
Support staff services within your booth 18
Rental of TV screens 19
Service Directory 20
Andina Link Directory 21


For all purposes this manual will serve as a guide so that the exhibitors and sponsors of ANDINA LINK CENTRO AMÉRICA 2019 can organize their participation and reduce the occurrence of unforeseen events before, during and after the event.

Each of the points listed in the manual will help you plan your participation, from the shipment of goods and construction of your stand to the social events that you would like to attend during your stay in Costa Rica.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read each of the chapters that make practical and concise recommendations to facilitate your participation in the event.

Responsibilities of Andina Link /Hotel Barceló – San José Palacio

  • Neither Andina Link nor the Hotel San José Palacio, its agents, nor any of its representatives will be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to the exhibitors, the property of these, their guests, employees or agents, whatever may be the cause, including cancellation or impossibility of attendance at the exhibition. This communication can be found on the event website.It is the obligation of the same to read all the information contained herein. Therefore, the organization assumes, that if there is no kind of communication after receiving objection to any of the points mentioned here, that this document has been read, studied and accepted by the exhibiting company, which frees the Andina Link /TDC organization Events of any responsibility. The exhibitor agrees to pay for any damage caused by him, his employees or agents to the building in which the exhibition is held, damage to his equipment, whether due to lack of care or any other cause.
  • The Hotel Barceló – San José Palacio and the Andina Link /TDC Events organization will offer a security service in the exhibition area and conference rooms 24 hours a day. The exhibitor’s personnel must always carry their visible accreditation. All exhibitors must take measures to keep under lock or under the supervision of the stand staff the objects that may be stolen during the event.
  • The exhibitor assumes all responsibility and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the organizers of Andina Link, as well as its directors and employees, against any loss or damage to persons or property, including the payments of lawyers, which may cause or be caused by the installation of your stand, its dismantling, maintenance or use of the exhibition area. The exhibitor knows that Andina Link, its organizers, as well as the Convention Center does not maintain any type of insurance on the exhibitor’s property and that it is
    responsibility only of the exhibitor to obtain the corresponding insurance for damages to people and materials, as well as for business interruption.


Dates: September 3, 4 and 5, 2019
Place: Hotel Barceló – San José Palacio
Residencial El Robledal,
The Uruca, 4581150
10107 San José de Costa Rica

Trade Show Schedules

Stand assembly:

September 3, 2019 from 07:00 – 19:00 hrs.

September 4, 2019 from 07:00 – 10:00 hrs.

Exhibition days:

September 4, 2019 from 11:00 – 18:00 hrs.

September 05, 2019 from 11:00 – 18:00 hrs.

Disassembly of stands:

Thursday September 05 after the closing of the event that starts at 18:00 hrs. within the commercial sample until 22:00 hrs. If any assembly company needs additional hours you must incur a cost of $ 508 USD per hour, and this cost will be paid directly to the hotel by the assembly company.



Characteristics of the exhibition area

Areas used for the Commercial exhibition inside the Hotel San José Palacio:

Area: 800 m2

Ceiling height: 5 meters

Maximum height of floor stands: 3.00 mts.

Height of the platform: 1.05 meters.

Maximum height of floor stands: 3.00 mts.

Maximum height of stands of stage: 3.50 mts.

Exhibition area rules
Rules for the assembly and dismantling of stands within the exhibition area:

  • Exhibitors must report to the Andina Link organization in the Registry located in the lobby of the El Grecco Room at the San José Palacio Hotel on Tuesday September 3, 2019 at 07:00 for the purpose of assembling their respective stands .
  • All merchandise destined to the exhibition must be entered by the doors destined for cargo receipt, during the allowed hours.
  • All booths or stands must be fully finished on Wednesday 04 September 2019 at 10:00 AM
  • It is not allowed to dismantle stands before the last day of exposure at the appointed time.

Rules and conditions for the design and construction of stands

  • In the El Grecco Hall the floor stands must not exceed a height of 3.00 meters. And the stands of platform should not exceed the height of 3.50 meters.
  • The constructions should be limited to the space acquired according to the footage and location on the map.
  • The construction companies of the stands must provide a list to ANDINA LINK and the San Jose Palacio Hotel of the authorized personnel to enter the exhibition area, indicating the stand number to be built and the name of the exhibiting company. </li >

Rules on common areas of the exhibition area

  • No type of sign, plaque or other form of advertising may be used in the corridors of the exhibition or fixed to the walls or columns of the exhibition.
  • No publication may be distributed in the conference room, registration or exhibition area without the consent of the Andina Link organization.

Rules for the entry of people into the exhibition area

  • Delegates, visitors and members of the press will NOT be allowed entry during assembly time to the exhibition hall.
  • The exhibition hall will open doors to visitors and members of the press only during exhibition hours.
  • Please DO NOT call meetings inside the exhibition hall during assembly time.


Stand arrangement: If the staff of your company is not going to be responsible for the assembly of your stand or if you need a complex electrical installation, you must make a scale outline of your stand, in a grid.

Send a copy of this scheme to Andina Link /TDC Events to the e-mail: </a > or

Do not forget to include your company name and your stand number

Furniture: The Andina Link organization will be responsible for installing and uninstalling the following equipment in each space contracted.

  1. Melamine panels 6mm thick, white on both sides. Without polycarbonate.
  2. Anodized aluminum profiles with gloss silver finish.
  3. Label or border in cutting plotter with the name of the exhibitor at the front of the stand, in capitalized uppercase letters, Arial Bold, at a height no greater than 23cm.
  4. Basic electricity items for the Stand (40w fluorescent lamp placed behind the border or sign, and 110 volt double current socket.
  5. A table of the following measures: 1.83 long, 0.76 wide and 0.72 high. They do not include linens.
  6. 2 Chairs.

If you want additional furniture you can reserve it according to the availability of the suggested structures provider: CUBEX (refer to page 20 for the complete Services Directory).

Unofficial Contractors: If you want to build a different building than the one that ANDINA LINK provides or rent additional furniture, you must demand a certificate of insurance showing that the contractor you are going to use has insurance covering liability and work risks policy.





The General Customs Law of the Republic of Costa Rica establishes in Article 110 the customs regimes allowed for the entry of goods into the territory of Costa Rica; among them “Temporary Importation, Definitive Import and Temporary Re-export”; what is allowed 2 alternatives to an exporter and /or importer; the final internment of the goods prior to the payment of all taxes, or the entry and exit of goods free of customs duties based on Article 165; subsection “e) Trade shows: intended for exhibition at a fair duly scheduled and in charge of an organization registered before the corresponding registry …”, and previous compliance with the regulations in force.

General Conditions

International Transportation : Air

Modality of Service : Door to Door

Route : Round Trip

& nbsp;

Activity Procedure Responsible
1. Registration process before CR Customs 1.1. SOLUSA or whoever it designates will appear before the Customs to be accredited as ANDINA LINK legal representative and the exhibitors as IMPORTER for the respective procedures of nationalization of the goods in the Costa Rican territory. SOLUSA
2. Notification of the details of the goods to be imported into Costa Rica

2.1. The exhibitors accredited to ANDINA LINK should send to the email: the details of the goods to import

2.2. The description of the goods must contemplate: dimensions (LxWxH), gross weight, description of the merchandise and its quantities

2.3. The exhibitor must indicate the real value of the merchandise to be declared, which under no circumstance will be less than US $ 1.00 and by customs regulations the value must be at least the market or sale value; since if during the inspection of the cargo, the customs office considers that it is disproportionate to reality; it will reclassify it and induce to correct the respective declaration.

2.4. Merchandise that wishes to use the “Temporary Importation Regime” will only allow those whose identification, such as model, series and specific characteristics facilitate their customs classification. The concept “samples without commercial value” and “consumer goods; advertising, souvenirs or similar “do not qualify for this regime. Under this regime will be allowed the “import and re-export of the merchandise free of customs duties, known as DAI”

2.5. The exhibitor must complete the “Advanced Customs Declaration Andean Event Link San Jose, Costa Rica” form called DAAEL 2.6. The DAAEL must be sent and received at most on 08/17/2019 to the email indicated above.

3. Quotation and Authorization of expenses and taxes

3.1. SOLUSA once received the DAAEL will proceed to estimate the expenses and taxes (to be guaranteed before the customs for the goods to be temporarily or permanently imported), as well as freight, warehousing, internal transport and customs services.

3.2. Within 48 hours, SOLUSA will return the quotation for review and approval by the Exhibitor.

3.3. No management will be carried out until the services have been canceled in advance

4. Process of Advance Payment of Expenses and Taxes

4.1. Payments must be made to the following Bank Account:


4.3. Account: 200-02-037-010677-6.

4.4. Currency: US DOLLARS.

4.5. Code IBAN: CR29015103720020106772

4.6. Bank Beneficiary: NATIONAL BANK OF COSTA RICA


4.8. U.I.D .: 019462


4.10. Payments of customs duties and taxes (guaranteed or not) must be made before coordinating the collection

4.11. SOLUSA once received the payment will proceed to issue an invoice for the services, expenses and taxes that correspond

5. Issuance of invoices, packing list, sworn declaration of use of equipment and general data of the importer

5.1. The Exhibitors must send by the Email already indicated; invoice, packing list, sworn statement by the legal representative of the use and general data of the merchandise to be used

5.2. All invoices and documents must be consigned in the name of SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS Y ADUANEROS SOLUSA, S.A. company responsible for representing the exhibitors and organizer of the event before the Customs of Costa Rica for temporary or permanent import permits; since this is required by Costa Rican customs legislation

6. Merchandise collection in exporters

 6.1. Within 48 hours after receipt of the respective payment will proceed to coordinate the collection of the goods

6.2. Once the respective payment has been made; SOLUSA will proceed to notify the Exhibitor the Account No. of the International Carrier that will collect the merchandise

6.3. All cargoes should be packed in a single package if possible and labeled with the name and address of the consignee LOGISTICOS Y ADUANEROS SOLUSA, S.A.

7. Maximum period for receipt of loads subject to the temporary import regime

7.1. The goods that will be subject to the Temporary Importation Regime; will be received in Costa Rica before 08/10/2019

7.2. Goods that arrive after the deadline can not be subject to the temporary importation regime, and therefore the definitive import will be applied to them

8. Goods subject to the definitive import regime 8.1. The goods that are processed as definitive import customs taxes will become part of the expense; since they can not be returned by customs SOLUSA and EXHIBITOR
9. Delivery of equipment at the venue to the authorized representative

9.1. SOLUSA once the customs authorize the nationalization of the goods will proceed to deliver the goods received

9.2. For this, the form “Temporary Dispatch of Merchandise Andean Event Link San José, Costa Rica-DTMEAL” will be used.

9.3. The merchandise delivered must remain within the facilities of the event, and under no circumstances may be withdrawn without the express authorization of SOLUSA

10. Return of equipment for temporary re-export or definitive export

10.1. Within 24 hours of the end of the event, the exhibitor’s manager must return the equipment submitted to the temporary importation regime for the customs process, by using the form called “Return of Merchandise for Export EMD”

10.2. Goods that are not returned within this period will be assumed that you do not want to return, therefore the tax and charge guarantee for US $ 205 will apply.

10.3. Under no circumstances will there be a refund of monies paid for services that are not executed due to non-return of the exhibitor’s charges.

11. Management before the customs authorities for the departure of the equipment

11.1. SOLUSA will proceed within 48 hours of receiving the cargo to be transferred to the Customs Control Fiscal Warehouse for the Re-export process

11.2. Once the authorization of Re-export or Exportation of goods has been received to the Exhibitors; will proceed to coordinate with the International Carrier for the return of the goods

12. Delivery or Return of equipment or merchandise in place of origin of exporters

12.1. Once the cargoes are delivered to the International Carrier for their return to their origin; you will be delivered within 4 to 8 days

12.2. SOLUSA will not be responsible for expenses or additional taxes that the customs authority in destination intends to charge for the corresponding reasons.

13. Refund of guarantees for customs duties.

13.1. The guarantees for taxes for the temporary import regime will be returned within 15 working days after the merchandise has been delivered to the Exhibitor’s offices

13.2. Expenses for transfers abroad due to the return of guarantees will be assumed by the Exhibitor

14. Contacts

14.1. Marcos Pérez, General Manager

14.2. Evelyn Centeno, Executive

14.3. Tels.(506) 8837-1466, 2430-5958-2430-5071 14.4. Email: CONSOLIDADORA@SOLUSACR.COM

14.5. Contacto: Evelyn Centeno o Marcos Pérez

15. Schedule 15.1. Deadline for the DAAEL: 08/17/2019

15.2. Deadline for Temporary Import Regime: 08/10/2019

15.3. Deadline for Advance Payment: Prior to Delivery

15.4. Date Team Delivery at the Event: 03/09 /201915.5. Deadline for the return of equipment for re-export: 10/9/2019

15.6. Date for Delivery of Equipment in Destination: 4-8 business days 15.7. Date for Return of Guarantees: 30 business days of delivery


For assistance in shipping goods you can contact the following company, Andina Link exempts any type of responsibility regarding shipments made to Costa Rica.


Marcos Pérez – Manager
Logistics, Forwarding & Customs
Professional Advisory: Logistics, Customs, 
Strategy, Marketing, Tax, Audit & Projects
Address: Residencial La Giralda, Ofic. 48J
Desamparados Alajuela, Costa Rica. 20101



There are special rates for Andina Link Centro América 2019 with the airline AVIANCA-TACA. For more information please visit the following link:

There are special hotel rates for Andina Link Costa Rica 2019. Visit the following link where the agreements with the suggested hotels appear:


Below you will find a list of the forms that must be submitted before the deadline. Send them completely filled out to: and /or lucia@andinalink.con


This checklist is designed to help you meet the deadlines for ordering the services you will need at Andina Link Costa Rica 2019. The forms must be legible and completely completed.

Form Deadline for sending to ANDINA LINK Submitted
Form No. 1 Description Products August 18, 2019
Form No. 2 Front Label Agosto 18 de 2019
Form No. 3 Personnel Registration August 18, 2019
Form No. 4 Additional Chairs and Tables August 18, 2019
Form No. 5 Emergency Information August 18, 2019
Form No. 6 Electrical Installations August 18, 2019
Form No. 7 Internet August 18, 2019
Form No. 8 Support Staff Stand Agosto 18 de 2019

FORM No. 1


The description of your company and its products is very important, since it will be the information that will appear in the official guide of the exhibition which will be delivered free to each one of the visitors, and will appear in the yellow pages of ANDINA LINK VIRTUAL

Send the description in Spanish as complete as possible with the following information:

  • Contact Person
  • Type of Company: manufacturer / distributor / international television programmer / service company etc.
  • Logo of your company
  • Names and logos of the brands it represents

Complete and send this form to: or

Description of products and services of your company. ___________________

Please include the logos and the names of all the brands you represent

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No.2FRONTALRATCH The front label (standard) is the name of your company in typeface in black, without logo, which will be placed in front of your stand as identification. It has no cost. In case you decide to take a sign different to the standard, your company must assume the cost of it. Complete and send this form to: and / or lucia@andinalink.comFRONT RATE (no surcharge) Yes I need ______ No I need _______Please indicate the exact name you want to appear on the front label of your stand. The name must not extend 13 letters. Complete the data by machine or letter print. Company name as it appears on the front label: ______________________________________ The front label will be delivered together with the space of your stand in the El Greco Room of the Barceló San José Palacio hotel, on the day of assembly *

Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 3


To ensure that your staff is registered before the start of ANDINA LINK COSTA RICA 2019, complete all the information on this form. Each exhibitor is entitled to different number of passes for his employees depending on the footage of his booth:

  1. 2 x 2 MTS2 = 3 staff members
  2. 2 x 3 MTS2 = 4 staff members

Each additional pass has a cost of $ 30.00 USD, this rate is only for employees of the same company, only. In case the number of assistants from your company exceeds the number designated above, let us know.

Only personnel belonging to the exhibiting company can be registered at no additional cost. Any other person who is not an employee of the exhibiting company must pay the total cost of the entrance for visiting suppliers.

Complete and send this form to: and / or

Please complete all the requested information:

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 4


All stands, regardless of their size, are delivered with a table and two chairs. If you require this additional furniture, fill in the information below. These pieces of additional furniture do not have any cost:

Complete and send this form to: and / or

The number of additional chairs and tables will depend on the availability of these in the place of the commercial sample and Andina Link does not commit to additional furniture to the one included in all the purchase contracts of the space.

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 5


Andina Link needs to have a contact name and a local number of each of the exhibiting companies to:

  • Emergency cases
  • Request information about stands or merchandise
  • Security cases

* In case that a contact is not achieved with any of the exhibiting companies to define a topic related to the participation in the commercial sample that involves logistical aspects and stand construction, Andina Link reserves the right to make the decisions that are place.

Complete and send this form to: and / or

& nbsp;

Hotel: ____________________________________________
Room #: __________
Contact name: __________________________________
Phone where you can be reached: __________________

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 6


ANDINA LINK delivers the space within the commercial exhibition with a 110v electrical installation. If you require an additional installation, you can request and contract with the STANDS PROVIDER: CUBEX, through Andina Link.

In the event that you hire these services with the Stand Provider, the payment of the same must be done before the fair starts for them to be enabled. ANDINA LINK does not make any kind of payment on these services.

The following table contains some options for the services you can request. Please indicate what your requirements are. If what you need is not in this list, please let us know.

Complete and send this form to: and / or

Note: Values ​​may vary according to provider conditions

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 7


The internet service is not provided directly by ANDINA LINK but you can contract directly with the HOTEL SAN JOSÉ PALACIO or with any other provider authorized by that entity through ANDINA LINK.

In case you contract these services with the Hotel San José Palacio, the request for these services must be made before August 18, 2019. Payment must be made before the fair begins so that you are enabled.

The following table contains some options for the services you can request. Please indicate what your requirements are. If what you need is not in this list, please let us know.

Once you send this form, I will resend the payment account with the payment instructions.

Complete and send this form to: and / or

Note: Values ​​may vary according to provider conditions

* Keep a copy for your record

FORM No. 8


The support staff services are not provided directly by ANDINA LINK but you can contract them directly with CUBEX or another authorized provider.

In case you hire these services with CUBEX, the payment of them must be done before the fair starts for them to be enabled. ANDINA LINK does not make any kind of payment on these services.

The following table contains some options for the services you can request. Please indicate what your requirements are.

& nbsp;

These models are professionals provided by a modeling agency.

Please send the physical characteristics with which you require them.


It is forbidden to hire personnel not authorized by this agency for security measures, since the personnel we supply is duly investigated.

Complete and send this form to:


Structures, Stand design and audiovisual rental:
Arq. Eleazar Portuguez M.
Tel: (506) 4001 66 99 ext 1004
Cel: (506) 7298-8698

Note. Values ​​may vary according to provider conditions
* Keep a copy for your record

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